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Hormones 101

July 11th

On Zoom from 6:30- 7:30 PM EST

Ever wanted to know exactly what goes on in your body in perimenopause and menopause?

Now you can :) 
We have helped thousands of women through their perimenopause and menopause journey.
We will be sharing what goes on during this time and the tool box to help you thrive through perimenopause and menopause!

- What is Perimenopause (and is it different from Menopause?)
- Perimenopause: The Rocky Road to Menopause
- Hormones 101
- It Starts with Progesterone
- 5 Solutions right now
- Menopause & Beyond
You are not broken, you don't have to be fixed, you just need the information and tools. Aging should be a beautiful time of emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.
Testimonials from our Radiate Sisterhood:
"Radiate Wellness helped me get my life back. My PMS and mood swings were out of control.  My family didn't even want to be around me. In just two menstrual cycles I was back to my normal self.  I couldn't be more thankful to find a product that had such a profund effect on me."
"Radiate Calm was a game changer. I've had trouble sleeping since I entered perimenopause. I've tried all kinds of sleep aids (some with really icky side effects) and they all left me feeling groggy and not myself. Since I have incorporated Radiate Calm into my nighttime routine, I've noticed I fall alseep faster and feel more rested when I wake up."
"I am one month into the new vitamin D product, I realized this weekend... the lights are on again!  Fatigue and depression… which caused brain fog are minimal.  So grateful I have found supplements with zero side effects."
"My doctor suggested I take DHEA for its anti-aging benefits. I didn't want to add one more pill to my routine, so I tried Radiate Sexy and love it! I feel like it helps me with my energy. I keep it on my nightstand and use it in the morning and night."
(We could keep going...but you get the picture).
We will tell you the few key things you need to understand and implement on your perimenopause and menopause journey to look and feel great!
So, we scheduled a live, 1 hour course exclusively for our Radiate Sisterhood:
Maybe you want to sleep better…
Maybe you want to address the weight gain…
Maybe the hot flashes are just too much…
Regardless of where you are on your perimenopause or menopause journey, this course will be immensely helpful to you.
When you feel good your health and relationships are naturally better.  Let us help you feel better! 
...this is your opportunity to learn from the Radiate Wellness Co-founders